My sister got married.

My sister got married this past weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her bridal portraits as she was dreading the experience and knew she’d feel more comfortable with her sister behind the lens. This picture is one of the photos grabbed from her session and I adore it because it speaks to so perfectly to Elizabeth’s feeling about this session and her wedding! As much as she might not have wanted to admit it, I think she was nervous – not about marrying Matt, the absolute love of her life, but about a weekend where all the attention is on her. She surprised herself with how much she enjoyed the whole wedding – from start to finish which included lots of photos with their AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING wedding photog Kellie Kano. She danced until she was dripping, I mean *glistening :), with sweat and never stopped smiling. Congratulations Matt and Elizabeth! I love you both. Can’t wait to share more from this bridal session shot on the UNC Campus.

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2 Responses to My sister got married.

  1. Katherine says:

    What a cute shot! Anna, I really enjoyed meeting and working with your family last weekend. Elizabeth & Matt are such a great couple! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the portrait session 🙂

  2. Yay! Congratulations to your sister- I cannot wait to see your shoot with her and Kellie’s photos of the day!

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