New York :: Lomography

Despite that fact that I geniously sprained my ankle on my first night in NYC last weekend, I had a blast seeing my friends, reliving the college years and revisiting some of my favorite spots in the city. The only camera I took with me on this trip was my Lomo Supersampler. I die for this camera and every time I shoot with it I’m so enthused by what comes out of it. This camera has no view finder and captures four consecutive images (within milliseconds of each other) within one 35mm frame. Here are some quick shots from the weekend. I can’t wait to post more later.

Can you see me :)?

Looks like this frame got pulled or torn or fogged or something. I kind of love it though. That’s the beauty of shooting with film and with the Lomo SS.

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One Response to New York :: Lomography

  1. Brooke says:

    Great shots! I love this camera-I don’t have one of my own but I always try to steal it from my friend.
    Love the second shot especially 🙂

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