The world’s best.

This guy means the world to me. Not only has he encouraged me to follow my passions over the past few years, but he’s been extremely instrumental in helping me get to where I am now. He travels to all of my weddings with me and is truly the world’s best assistant/second shooter. I grabbed this photo of him at the last wedding we shot in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely adore it (that’s my heavy camera bag strapped on his back).


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4 Responses to The world’s best.

  1. Lauren Smith says:


  2. Sally Diane says:

    I have met this “world’s best” guy — and I must say, I agree with you – he is the best! What a great guy! I also think it is quite touching that he is such a big fan of yours! After viewing your portraits I understand why. You are very talented. The two of you are a truly lovely, lovely couple.

  3. ghazal says:

    ❤ this, ❤ y'all

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