Shaida + Bilal :: Session at the FW Botanic Gardens

I am so happy to share these pictures of my great friends Shaida and Bilal Khan. These two are actually already technically married, but their big ceremony is less than two weeks away and they wanted to have some photos taken before the big day. We had so much fun running around at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens for this session. These two share the most amazing, fun, inspiring love and you can absolutely see it in these photos. I’m so happy for both of you guys and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next weekend! AND, how beautiful are they? Love you guys!

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One Response to Shaida + Bilal :: Session at the FW Botanic Gardens

  1. Maggie says:

    These were so good!! I think the one in with the swimming pool in it is cool. Did you combine 2 different pictures, b/c their stance out of the water doesn’t look the same as the one in the water. Katie says that you are quitting your job and doing photography and painting full time. I cannot wait to be one of your first paying customers in your self-employed full time job. I hope I can get you to paint something — do you do oils?


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