SNOW Day :: Happy time :)

I feel like I’m back in NC. I quickly (and safely) hustled home from work today and snagged the last little bit of daylight to capture some snow pictures! It’s still coming down out there – almost 5 inches or so I think. It’s so beautiful.

My neighbor Andrew in his PJ pants :). He tried to nail me with a snowball when I got out of my car. Not this time!

The perfect snowy day activity – baking Sprinkles Cupcakes. All though I did unfortunately find out that Sprinkles Cupcakes pretty much consist of butter, sugar and more butter, I was pleased that the cupcakes I made at home really did turn out like the real thing. They even tell you how to apply the icing to get the “Sprinkles effect.” You can get the mix and directions at Williams & Sonoma.

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One Response to SNOW Day :: Happy time :)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    These are so pretty. I especially love the cupcake images. 🙂

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