Cans for Comments

Thanks to Amy Karp (@amykarp) and Cans for Comments (@cansforcomments) for introducing me to this awesome way to do a little something special for my community this holiday season. I’m excited to be a part of Cans for Comments and can’t wait to start donating.

What is Cans for Comments? Cans for Comments is a way for photographers to give back, get noticed, and do something good for their community, all while building their SEO. You know we’re all suckers for anything that will raise our blog stats and get us more comments :). BUT, this program goes beyond that as we now have this awesome opportunity to help those in need. Here’s how it works.

You: Leave a comment on my blog (anywhere!).

Me: Donate one canned good to Tarrant Area Food Bank for every comment.

How long do you have to comment? 12/1 – 12/12

And, go!

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28 Responses to Cans for Comments

  1. Rebekah says:

    I love your website and partial to your recent mountain engagement pictures! Diggin this cans for comments cause!

  2. ABB says:

    Shoot! That’s all I have to do? Consider yourself commented on.

  3. Josiah says:

    Cool idea!

  4. Jake Good says:


  5. thuy says:

    and one 🙂

  6. J.R. Garcia says:

    That’s such a great idea! I hope the response is overwhelming!

  7. lolakwrites says:

    Seriously? This is awesome. I’m going to tell the Food Bank.

  8. Did you take the picture of the groceries? Great color… Great cause.

  9. Kate says:

    This is a great idea Anna! We need more creative minds out there doing creative things like this for our area non-profits!

  10. Yay Cans for Comments! 🙂 I’m so excited to do this again this year!

  11. This is such a cool idea! Love that you’re participating in it!

  12. amy karp says:

    love that you are participating….here’s my blog luv!!! 😀 = 1 can

  13. Brittney King says:

    Done and DONE! Love u!

  14. Denise says:

    Great idea! Thank you for collecting food for Tarrant Area Food Bank. I am a TAFB employee and we really appreciate your support.

  15. amie says:

    Yay! I did this last year and it was a huge success! Good luck!

  16. Melissa says:

    Love this Anna! Emailing Amy Karp right this moment for the 411 on how to get signed up!

  17. Meagan says:

    LOVE this! I’m the communications/social media intern @ the food bank! We’re putting this gem of an idea up on our facebook fan page!

  18. Add another can from us!

    Chasing my tale…
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  19. Mark Goodrum says:

    Every bit counts, thank you for making this offer.

  20. rocky says:

    ya got my comment!!!great idea…

  21. Marguerite says:

    What a great idea and worthy cause.

  22. Cassidy Stephens says:

    Of course I’m going to comment!!! I love this idea!! Congrats & I hope you get plenty of cans!!! 🙂


  23. yay!!! awesome cause! we’re on the can wagon too!!! let’s all make a difference this christmas!!!

  24. kandsphoto says:

    Love the idea of Cans for Comments. Making a difference 1 comment at a time Yay!!

  25. Awesome blog!! I love how everyone is participating! My cans for comments drive starts tomorrow!

  26. Yea! Here’s another comment for a great cause! Love your work!!

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